Authors Anne Mitchell and Michelle Johnson are Australian educators with combined teaching experience of more than 50 years in 20 schools, both in Australia and overseas. This experience has been gained in country, city, public, independent and aboriginal schools across all primary year levels. Their personal love of learning, love of teaching and love of children has driven them to develop and refine the LTR Language & Literacy Program over the past two decades.

Michelle Johnson is currently teaching in the Adelaide metropolitan area. She is an active mentor to the teachers who are using the program for the first time. Anne Mitchell has retired from classroom teaching and is devoting her time to developing further LTR resources. She and Michelle now collaborate in every aspect of the program and its implementation.

What do we offer?

We offer presentations, run initial training days for those who purchase our product, tutor teachers through regular workshops and encourage collegiate support groups that promote discussion and the sharing of ideas.

The LTR Language & Literacy Program is complete and provides the pedagogy and the essential tools for teachers to meet the Australian Primary School English Curriculum standards in the Junior School.  The LTR continuum comprehensively includes all aspects of learning to be literate – listening, speaking, thinking, phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, grammar, reading and writing.  The program provides the framework for teaching and learning, but leaves the creativity of delivery with the teacher.


Anne Mitchell


  • Born in South Australia, schooled in South Australia, currently living in Adelaide, South Australia
  • Also lived in Queensland and New South Wales and country towns in South Australia
  • Been employed in the business realm as a receptionist and typist, in a Government Department as a typist, as a teacher in both the Government and the private sectors, as a school librarian, as a school receptionist, as a grape picker, on a bottling line in a winery and as a private tutor

Teaching Expertise

  • First trained as a Grade 3-5 teacher at Western Teachers’ College, Adelaide, South Australia in 1961
  • Returned to University of South Australia to update training & registration & completed Bachelor of Teaching in 1992
  • Completed Bachelor of Education degree from UniSA in 1998, majoring in Children’s Literature
  • During study leave in 1998, began the development of reading books, resources & checklists to support learning in the early years at school
  • Taught Reception to Year 6 classes across all curriculum areas in 8 different schools – city, country, and indigenous education in both the public and private sectors – over a 50-year period
  • Has had experience in single level as well as mixed level classrooms
  • Tutored students in piano keyboard and students with learning difficulties
  • Has had experience with students with language difficulties
  • Has experience with adults learning contextual comprehension strategies
  • 2008 collaboration began with Michelle Johnson to write the teaching guides, organize the resources & develop a website for the program which eventually became the LTR Language & Literacy Program

My Goals

  • To use my years of teaching experience to benefit teachers, parents and students of today
  • To develop new texts, activities and games to support teachers and students in the joy of learning
  • To continue to learn, always

Interesting Facts About Me

  • During my lifetime I have lived in 24 different residences, including a tent (not a holiday) in 10 different cities and towns in Australia
  • I have traveled extensively in South Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales
  • I enjoy photography, gardening, reading, writing, energetic conversation, time with family and friends, investigating the natural realm
  • My husband and I have four grown-up children (and their partners) and four grandchildren
  • I am a breast cancer survivor and I love life



Michelle_600Michelle Johnson

Teaching Expertise

  • Completed Bachelor of Teaching at University of South Australia in 1992, majoring in Junior Primary and Music
  • Taught in many South Australian schools as a classroom teacher (R-3) and a Music Specialist (R-7). Schools included country, metropolitan, government and non-government
  • In 2001, taught in London on a six-month contract and as a temporary relief teacher
  • Trained various school choirs and netball teams over many years
  • Has had experience in curriculum development
  • Has had experience in mentoring staff and pre-service teachers

My Goals

  • To influence those I have contact with (whether my own children, my many students over the years, teachers or parents I have crossed paths with) to :-
  • Live life to the full
  • Believe in themselves
  • Dream big
  • Spread joy and kindness
  • Be brave and courageous
  • To shout the praises of teachers all over the world
  • To help support teachers to be excellent practitioners
  • To continue to learn from and with others

Interesting Facts About Me

  • I am married with three children
  • I love Australian Rules football
  • When I finished high school, I wanted to be a lawyer
  • I am a middle child with two sisters
  • After living in London and traveling around Europe in 2001, I have definitely caught the travel bug
  • I love music and fine dining
  • I am slightly obsessive about teaching – goodness knows what I would have been like as a lawyer!