The Program

The LTR Language & Literacy Program is an Australian program developed by Australian teachers and fully produced in Australia.

It is a comprehensive, integrated, systematic and explicit pedagogy with resources to support the teaching of language, literacy and thinking skills as students begin to learn the formalities of the English language. It is people oriented rather than technology driven. Regular assessment is built into the teaching regime. The key words are ‘listen’, ‘think’ and ‘respond’. Students are taught to listen actively, think carefully and respond appropriately. The program guides and supports teachers by providing the sequence and content of the skills that students need to become competent listeners, speakers, thinkers, readers and writers. It builds confidence and gives early success, satisfaction and measurable achievement. It assists in the early identification of difficulties and in the planning of intervention strategies.

Many students start school with underdeveloped observation, listening, speaking and thinking skills. The lack of ability to observe, communicate and respond appropriately significantly affects learning in all spheres of life. The LTR content and pedagogy is designed to give them the knowledge, skills and experience to become confident, independent, thoughtful and self-motivated learners through learning to look and listen attentively, think carefully and respond appropriately.

  • All related resources are supplied with ideas for multiple uses at many different levels
  • Suitable for home-schooling parents, classroom teachers, tutors, Adaptive Education, English as an Additional Language
  • Meets Australian Curriculum English standards for Reception to Year 5 and covers the general capabilities

Current trials indicate that the following outline is a reasonable time frame for mastery but this would vary according to school policy and student readiness.

  • Reception or Foundation YearLTR Language & Literacy Program Stage 1 with 7 units of work
    • Alphabet and c-v-c words, handwriting, phonological and phonemic awareness, thinking, spelling, reading, grammar and writing
  • Year 1LTR Language & Literacy Program Stage 2 with 10 units of work
    • Consolidation of Stage 1 by increasing the multiple sounds for single letters, hearing, saying and writing the consonant blends, learning the multiple phonograms through phonological and phonemic awareness, handwriting, spelling, reading, grammar and writing
  • Year 2-3LTR Language & Literacy Program Stage 3 with 10 units of work
    • Consolidation of Stages 1 & 2 through continuing phonological and phonemic awareness activities, handwriting skills, mastery of multiple phonograms and difficult spelling, further development of grammar understanding and reading comprehension, all of which is demonstrated through the writing efforts of the students

Resources for each stage

  • A Teaching Guide for both language and literacy – very detailed, many ideas
  • Multiple use picture, word & sentence card sets
  • Black line master books of Activities & Texts, Word Cards, Assessment, Card Sets
  • A Big Book provides initial teaching texts
  • Phonogram Card sets


  • Enthusiastic, creative and hard-working teachers
  • Resilient and self-motivated learners with a growth mind-set
  • The pedagogy flows over into other subject areas – mathematics, science, health etc
  • Achievement deepened and broadened
  • High class engagement in learning
  • Satisfied parents