We believe that …

  • The teacher is the key to success in the classroom
  • Learning is most effectively achieved in a shared and supportive environment where both personal and social dimensions of learning are highlighted
  • Limiting what students are allowed to learn and achieve is destructive
  • High expectations bring about high achievement
  • Explicit, step by step teaching is satisfying for both teachers and students
  • Embedded assessment helps to define the areas of need and determine the road ahead
  • Constant cyclical teaching brings deep learning to the students as they build on what they already understand and that is immeasurably satisfying for all involved

Believing this, we dream of …

  • children confident and successful in learning at an early age and equipped to go on enjoying learning for the rest of their lives
  • students able to live out their gifts and talents in innovative and productive ways to the benefit of society as a whole
  • teachers being excited about learning and equipped to communicate their passion to their students so that, together with their students, they can charge through the school year with enthusiasm and energy and confidence and success
  • teachers who believe in the amazing capacity of young children to learn and innovate
  • parents excited about their own child’s progress, confidence and learning and become involved in the journey


We have seen it in LTR trained teachers, and over many years we have seen it in our own classrooms, our own families and beyond.