What is LTR Learning – Listen, Think, Respond?

The LTR Language & Literacy Program is a cyclical, integrated, systematic and explicit approach to teaching phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, phonics, spelling, grammar, reading, writing and thinking skills. It meets the Australian Primary School English Curriculum standards. It has been created by experienced teachers for Reception/Foundation to Year 5 students.

Students learn to listen attentively, to think creatively and to respond appropriately through observing, thinking, talking, working in groups and writing. This is the LTR Learning pathway to literacy mastery and life-long learning. The emphasis is on the process of teaching and learning using this ‘listen, think, respond’ structure. The program uses embedded assessment to inform the teaching and learning. Literacy outcomes improve as discussion involving critical and creative thinking becomes a natural focus of the classroom.


Each stage includes a Teaching Guide, black line master books of Activities & Texts, Assessment, Card Sets, Word Cards, and a Big Book which provides the initial teaching texts. Phonogram Cards suitable for each stage are also provided, as well as Picture, Word & Sentence cards which have multiple uses.


  • enthusiastic, energised teachers
  • resilient, self-motivated learners
  • a positive, respectful classroom culture

Our Philosophy

The program is based upon the belief that young children are naturally curious and have an extraordinary capacity to think in the abstract, to discuss, to reason and solve problems, to memorize and apply learned skills in new ways. The authors believe that high expectations and hard work raise the standard of student output. The concept of ‘let’s do it together’ builds relationships that support learning and applaud great thinking. It is only with other people that questions can be asked and answered, reasoning skills encouraged and conversations initiated. When adults can feed this enthusiasm, it enlarges children’s understanding of the world, expands their vocabulary and develops complex thinking. Students are then fully engaged in learning and teachers are excited about teaching.

The LTR Language & Literacy Program provides all the basic tools needed by teachers, parents and tutors to develop the skills of students and to build a strong foundation for language, literacy and lifelong learning.