General capabilities – ethical understanding

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The Australian Curriculum defines the general capabilities as ‘a set of knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions that can be developed and applied across the curriculum to help students become successful learners confident and creative individuals and informed citizens’.  The Ethical Understanding capabilities are listed as …

  • understanding ethical concepts and issues
  • exploring values, rights and responsibilities
  • reasoning in personal decision-making and actions

These capabilities underpin everything that is done in the LTR Learning classroom as the students give opinions and justify those opinions, respectfully listen to each other, discuss the effect their own actions have on others, consider the consequences of certain actions on themselves, understand about rules and why we have them.  They learn to be responsible for their own learning and to cooperate with others in the learning process.  They understand that being safe is more than physical but also involves being able to make mistakes, share opinions, ideas and feelings without fear.  They have little desire to copy others because each student responds to the tasks according to their own understanding and all responses to tasks are accepted, shared and encouraged.  The LTR classroom is a hot-bed of communal learning.

For more information about the products provided by LTR Learning (Listen, Think, Respond) and a matrix of how the program meets the Australian Primary School English Curriculum for Foundation/Reception to Year 2 students, click on the links.